Newcomers Challenge

Posted in Ideas/development

Chaz City (Chaz) 12 July 2022, 19:02
I know this has been done to death, but...

can we introduce some changes to the Newcomers Challenge?

For a start, we all know the name is incorrect but I don't think we should change it - it is tradition!

Secondly, my actual idea, I think all teams should be limited to once they win, they cannot enter again. I would create a secondary cup for these sort of sides, who now qualify for Newcomers but not VMWC.

So basically, remove the VIFA rank restriction for Newcomers, create a new competition that has VIFA rank #501 to #1799, create a 3rd competition for Newcomers entries #1800 onwards but have won 1 Newcomers Challenge and finally extend VMWC from #256 to #500.

Also, on a unrelated note, do you guys agree that free spots at the start of every week should be filled with random bot teams?