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Newcastle U FC (Rolf Bergström) 2 August 2022, 10:55
I’m in a division 1 but the only new sponsorship options I see to switch to appear to relate to division 2 or lower. Although on the sponsorship page they say “minimum div 2” (so may apply to div 1 clubs too), when you click on the options the word minimum is missing so it looks like the victory conditions pertain to being in division 2 only. Some thoughts please? Thanks.

Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 2 August 2022, 11:28
Yes same here so I rejected them...hopefully something more relevant

Athletico Markham (Manager of Athletico Markham) 2 August 2022, 14:46
Yes, I’d also like to know the answer to this. If I take sponsorship relating to div 4, but get promoted to div 3 this season, do I get fined as I’m not playing in the correct division next season. That would seem counter intuitive if it was the case. Runs the risk of clubs trying to lose towards the end of the season, which will produce unfair results for others

Rangers FootbalI Club (Paul - PK - PIQUE) Forum moderator 2 August 2022, 17:00
No sponsorship
You do not have a sponsorship this season. If you haven't already accepted an offer, you can choose between the available offers here.


Upcoming sponsorship

Sports Wellness
125,000 Credits


Play in the Division 4 or higher

You will pay a fine of 50,000 C, if the requirement is not met at the beginning of next season.

Have a youth squad in a league

Base amount 125,000 C
125,000 C

Currently firmly in the relegation zone in division 3 and looking good, no complaints from me.

Rookery Park (Matt Colley) 2 August 2022, 19:56
I think I'm going with Bixo Bank who's requirements as you say are division 2 and above and can't see anything about just playing in top division or whatever

Has anyone got the list of which divisions apply to which sponsor? Then I can recall if I had a top division only sponsor offer

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 2 August 2022, 21:24
I'm in the Prem & hoping to stay there for next week, but also no options for top Div so I rejected initial offers, but second set are the same.
I'm gonna reject them also tomorrow & hope for a better Div 1 offer ...

Wapping Wombats (T H) 2 August 2022, 22:43
Didn't know anything about this new sponsorship biz'...until I see I don't have a sponsor...after being sure I'd sorted it last Sunday....LOL!!

Newcastle U FC (Rolf Bergström) 2 August 2022, 22:48
The confusion for Div 1 teams has been fixed. Now both the front page and the offers page says "Div 2 or better".

Thank you


Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 3 August 2022, 11:16
Accepted mine saying div 2 or higher

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 3 August 2022, 11:35
Yes. Me too.
(Better offers across the board than the first two sets smiley ), but still to play in Div 2, - no higher offer for retaining my place in the Prem ...

The base amount is way higher than I used to get under the old system, but the available bonus options aren't worth considering for the pittance they would pay if achieved - and are so difficult I don't believe I'd manage them anyway.