Auction timings

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Solihull Moors FC (Mario) 21 September 2022, 22:47
I've raised a bug report, but just wanted to see if this is happening with anyone else as it's driving me crazy.

For anyone else is there a 2 minute difference between the page where you first place a bid on a player and your auction bidding summary page?

As an example, if i bid on someone the first screen will say 14 minutes remaining, but as soon as i place the bid the very next page in the summary says 12 minutes remaining. It's happening every time and it's very annoying when my screen says auction finished but i am either then being outbid or the price is driven up.

FORTHEWIN (Ryan Thompson) 21 September 2022, 22:55
This happened to me once but the opposite way haha, I use to bid and win the auction within 30 seconds even though there was about 3 mins left on the auction all I did was refresh the page and it said auction finished