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FORTHEWIN (Ryan Thompson) 21 September 2022, 23:01
Hello I would like to know how they decide if a cup game is home or away as my cup games always seem to be played away and I don't make much revenue from tickets for it

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 21 September 2022, 23:58
The match venue is "random generated by the system".

Home -v- away games do even out over time, it's just like injuries & red cards etc ie when you get a bad patch it always seems harsh.

FC Scol (Charlie) 22 September 2022, 18:12
I found that when i had 2 or 3 seasons of having a good cup run reaching the latter stages that one season would be just about all home games and the next all away smiley

I got to the semi final i believe of the greek cup and all my matches were at home