Finally Division 1 WoooHooo!!!

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GG St Mirren (GG) 20 November 2022, 15:52
Only about 4 years and 150 odd seasons finally sneaked a runner up spot to hit the Top League ...probably for some epic spankings and relegation LOL

Coptic Titans (Papyrus Skeptical) 20 November 2022, 16:12
Congrats on making it to a top senior division , the best way forward is to play at relaxed tempo against most of the other teams and target one or two games a day to have a go at properly home games

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 20 November 2022, 16:45

Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 20 November 2022, 18:06
Congrats smiley

Understated Excellence (Small Potatoes) 23 November 2022, 23:48
Respectable scores so far. Well done on getting as far as you have. You may be relegated but I think you will be back.