Worst disciplinary record

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AFC Redhill (Alex Hatton) 24 November 2022, 09:46
Has anyone ever had a player more prone to red cards?

4 seasons in a row and 7 reds in 9 seasons. Not playing a particularly aggressive tactic but this guy just can't help himself

Solihull Moors FC (Mario) 24 November 2022, 13:10
Blimey, there is clearly a hidden aggression trait! I can only remember one of my players getting sent off once every 3 or 4 seasons and i thought that was bad smiley

I mean there are some clues if you look at his profile. Even in his photo he is paying no attention to the camera, just eyeing up who he is going to crunch next.

AFC Redhill (Alex Hatton) 24 November 2022, 13:34
I love the idea that the VM match engine somehow takes into account hidden traits related to the appearance of the players.

Solihull Moors FC (Mario) 24 November 2022, 13:38
A secret 'he looks the type' trait.

At least he's also thrown in 9 MOTM performances for you as well.

Clearly everything about him is very hit and miss whether that be the overall quality of his performance or his tackling...