Young Greek players

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Enchiladas Mexicanas (Patatas Bravas) 2 February 2023, 13:14
Good afternoon or morning. Or evening...


I'm looking for young Greek players (preferably ones who are 18 or under). I will offer a terribly small amount and you will say no then I will offer more and we'll see how it goes.

Any position considered. Any type of midfielder would be great.


Blond Donkeys (Undercover) 24 September 2023, 02:54
Sure I'll bite

Enchiladas Mexicanas (Patatas Bravas) 24 September 2023, 12:09
If you sign a Greek player first then I will attempt to buy him.

Thanking you please.

Blond Donkeys (Undercover) 24 September 2023, 18:24
Thank you