Contract Groups

Posted in Ideas/development

The Flairy Bears (Cookie Guvna) 13 February 2023, 13:00
Just renewing contracts, and thought how a good QOL update could be the ability to set groups of players on the contract page, and easily renew contracts for only set groups/different lengths for different groups etc.

Anyone thought of this before? Feel it would benefit to be able to group players when renewing contracts?

Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 14 February 2023, 10:13
What kind of groups do ya mean?

The Flairy Bears (Cookie Guvna) 15 February 2023, 13:21
For example, First team and youth team. While this could be automatic, if we had some control, it could be even more detailed within those groups, e.g. splitting youth team into established players and new signs, to allow easy management between players with known training and new youth players who are as of yet unknown quantities.

Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 19 February 2023, 20:05
Yes I'd quite like youths and seniors separate