Players Failures

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SoloBoloNgolos (TheBoloNgolo) 15 March 2023, 20:20
Can we put in a section for Players Failures - absolute mess up from me - I sold this guy for 1,000,000C as I discovered him and look at the guy now. Worst man management since Fabio Capello.

FC Scol (Charlie) 15 March 2023, 21:31
It happens tbf. Sometimes that's all someone is worth and next thing they have a new lease of life smiley

I bought a player for 500k and sold him for 9m 6 months or so ago, so it can happen

Coptic Titans (Papyrus Skeptical) 15 March 2023, 23:29
By far my biggest mistake was this fella now on the decline now 34 , this happened because of placing him on the transfer list instead of minimum price to drum up interest the night before.Someone spotted my error and snapped him up . Even the buyer made the same mistake not knowing is true value and I was offline at the time

Derby Boyz FC (azz) 16 March 2023, 19:21
It works just as bad both ways i battled on auction for a player with 200 average on world class just 5 days old payed 15mil then his training went down to 150 average soon as i brought him il never recover that much back