Overhauling the Trainers and Scouts

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Nereus (Dave Matus) 22 May 2023, 13:10
It's been talked about in this topic:

My suggestion to the developers would be:

1. Get rid of the "Market" when it comes to trainers and scout. Instead, go for an option inside of your training complex where you can increase your trainer's effectiveness based on your investment.
For example: Trainer level 1 = (old stats) 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-7 but level 2 would be 7-7-7....
etc. This way the training is evened out and values of training are much cleared. Now just a trainer was used tells you very little.
Then you can set (let's say) 4 trainers you can upgrade and for VM Premium you can expand this to 8 or 12 for the more expensive premium subscription.

2. Implement a facility for scouts. An apparatus you can expand towards different parts of the world. Simultaneously i would also include the in point 1 mentioned implementation for scouts. Another money sink : upgrade scouting apparatus, upgrade scouts.

Too much hassle is going on now with the staff search and big sharks purchasing them all.