Mads Hermansen Brondby to Leicester

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Leicester City (Alex) 28 July 2023, 16:11
Hi everyone.

It might not take a genius to guess by my team name that I support Leicester City who have recently signed Goalkeeper Mads Hermansen from Brondby.

Obviously there is a huge Danish contingent on this game but understand the majority might be on the Danish forum but I was wondering if there is anyone who knows him well as a player and can provide a short genuine overview of him as a player and what could we expect to see from him with how he plays.

I have followed the Leicester fan tradition of watching countless YouTube compilation videos and deciding that he is the next best thing after sliced bread. I don’t want to get my hopes up but it’s hard not to when you have had Danny Ward play the majority of the previous season.

Any insight is appreciated.

Midtjylland Ultras (MT) 20 August 2023, 17:59
I'm not a fan of Brøndby, but I must say that Hermansen is the next big thing. Probably will take over Schmeichel at the National Team as well at some point. He has inhuman reactions. Really good keeper. To be improved: foot work