Cancelling auctions

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Black Rock Shooter (Debunoas) 12 November 2023, 17:10
Please create a notification that pops up when attempting to cancel an auction that tells the player that they won't be able to list them for auction again for 24 hours, I just decided after 4 hours of a player being on auction that he would be better off finishing later, so cancelled it to relist and found out the hard way, now I'm likely going to miss out on the player I'm after as I can't sell the guy he'll be replacing. Thanks smiley

All Ireland (Kieran O Sullivan) 13 November 2023, 19:23
This actually happens? The same said warning warns you you will not get any fees back aswell

Black Rock Shooter (Debunoas) 13 November 2023, 19:41
Oh it does? Well I must've automatically clicked okay assuming it was just an 'are you sure' message 😅

FC Crystal Palace (Jurgen Meltz) 13 November 2023, 20:58
Little hint for you!

If you cancel auction and can't sell on auction for 24 hours then transfer list them very cheap and they will go onto a 15 minute auction when someone discovers them.