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AFC Derby (Callum Carnell) 29 February 2024, 05:46
Hello, may I have a banner and logo please I’m a derby county fan!
Been playing since 2021

Lucid Dragons (Puff) 1 March 2024, 10:33
CF Galacticos wrote:
Lucid Dragons wrote:
Hey Dan.

What a piece of work you are doing here. A real gem to the Vman community.

I can see that you are quite busy, but when you have time, I hope you can help me with one of your great logos.

I’m was thinking something including a dragon and the Wrexham red and green colours. That’s actually the only things I prefer. Otherwise you have complete control. I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result.

Have a great weekend.

- Puff


Hi Dan!!

Thank you very much - it looks awesome!!

Wolves CF (Kyle carnell) 1 March 2024, 20:54
Work looks incredible mate, been after a new logo and banner since changing my club name, your work looks the best on this game and would appreciate anything you can come up with

Tartan Army (Fergus) 29 March 2024, 08:39
Tartan Army wrote:
Hi Dan,

When you've got a spare minute. Could you make me a logo and banner please?

Logo: Shield, Scottish tartan pattern with a highland cow. Dark Red and dark green
Banner: Dark red and dark green tartan. left side a glass of whiskey, right side highland cows