Newbie questions

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Winterborne Wanderers (Ady) 19 November 2023, 17:10
Hi all, brand new to this game. I play Pitchside Manager, but this game looks a bit different! Firstly, do my poor players that I’ve put on the transfer market get bought by a bot team if no one else is interested?

Solihull Moors FC (Mario) 19 November 2023, 18:03

They don't, they need to be bought by actual users/managers. is a good place to start if you haven't found it already.

Ask away if you have any other questions.

Winterborne Wanderers (Ady) 19 November 2023, 18:06
Cheers Mario, early impressions of the game are good. Won my first friendly, so a good start. Early days!!

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 20 November 2023, 14:45
Yeah, = welcome to the game smiley

- This is so much better than PM - which I also play,
firstly here, sack the rubbish -
then, get yourself some much younger players off the open auction list for 1 Credit each smiley
Transfer list all your players and watch the better one sell, so you can replace them with more 1C bargains.
Rinse & repeat.

The way ahead here is through trading players to make profits to invest in your team and facilities.

As above, any questions just ask!

Winterborne Wanderers (Ady) 20 November 2023, 15:47
My only gripe with this game is that you have to spend real money to get a youth system in place and improve your stadium beyond 1000 capacity. Or am I missing something?

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 20 November 2023, 16:10
that is correct,
you can play forever here for free with just the senior team,
the youth squads are a relatively recent addition & tbh they don't make much difference to your club as a whole.

I'd give it a good while playing to see if you enjoy it before taking the plunge of paying for Premium.

Winterborne Wanderers (Ady) 20 November 2023, 16:59
I do like the multiple games played every day. I won’t be spending any of my money on this game, so I’ll see how far I can get.

SuDoku AFC (Crew Member of the year) Crew 20 November 2023, 17:06
without paying,
the challenge - should you choose to accept smiley
- is to get your team promoted up to a top Division in your league of choice.

That is possible but will take a lot of work in the transfer market.

I believe you'll enjoy this much more than PM,
= it's all down to how much time you have to devote to the game.

Unlike many other FM games in my experience, time spent here really does allow potential improvements and results smiley

Understated Excellence (Messiah) 20 November 2023, 22:47
Agreed, effort put in tends get results. However the best network, sharing ideas with other managers etc and building up a network of folk they buy from and sell to (within the rules of the game)