38m Goalkeeper[Locked Player on T/L]

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FC Brigg Europa (Dan) 26 March 2024, 16:04
Hi everyone,

Never had a youth player show this valuation before, going to auction them when I can (5 training session thing)... What would people recommend I put him up for?

Link removed BW Player on Transfer List

Garden Rovers (Simon James) 26 March 2024, 17:40
Probably best to wait for someone to bid and they will probably bid about 45m then just see if it increases in the 15 min auction. Don't set a minimum bid on auction as it will cost.

FC Brigg Europa (Dan) 26 March 2024, 22:24
Thank you!

CF Galacticos (Dan) 26 March 2024, 22:54
You will typically get the most for him by putting him on a 24hr auction at 1c after his 5th train. Someone that sends a bid directly for a 15min auction will usually be trying their luck to snipe him for lower than the market would pay and then auction them themself.

FC Brigg Europa (Dan) 26 March 2024, 23:19
Thank you Galacticos. Love your crest btw

FC Brigg Europa (Dan) 28 March 2024, 08:23
Thanks for the advice guys, I've now transfer listed him - so will see what happens!

Bolton Wanderers (Paul) Forum moderator 28 March 2024, 09:16
/Locked Player on Transfer List