Scouts/Trainers Wanted?

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Deleted club 7 April 2010, 11:38
Cheers, found a few more, well cheap too. - 0c, 16 youth, 18 outfield.

Deleted club 7 April 2010, 11:42

I'm gonna let his contract expire, as I found a lot better one for 10x cheaper.

Deleted club 7 April 2010, 12:59
I personally would like to thank the guys for the hard work put into this thread.

As a result of your actions I have now managed to afford to take on two new members of staff.

Arvid Astorp Is my new Head coach - 1,144 cr per day

Rossano Cappelletti has been taken on as Youth coach - 893 cr Per day

I already had two coaches 2,972cr and 2,178cr per day. I havent told them yet but when their contracts expire they will be replaced by two new coaches on less money. I cant believe Ive just taken on 2 coaches for less credits per day than either of my existing coaches (And their speciality isnt trainer (Which I learnt yesterday means they recieve a 10% penalty in their training abilities))

Once again, thanks guys for your hard work.

Ginni Devi Modi IOE (Decland Wren) 8 April 2010, 18:29

Brynilds Disciple (Brynild) 24 April 2010, 19:21
hej er der nogle der kender nogle billige træner

Northampton Town (Josh) 24 April 2010, 19:31
Anyone got any all round trainers?

Deleted club 25 April 2010, 14:17
What are the most important stats for a trainer?