• Explanation of error when a Facebook login attempt fails because Facebook takes too long to respond


  • All advent calendar prize now automatically disable after 7th of January

  • Fixed a bug on subscription upgrade page that resulted in non-subscription products being offered

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when searching for clubs who have had a recent name change


  • Fixed a bug that meant newly created clubs didn't get the name they requested

  • Made club creation much faster


  • Fixed invisible control buttons in match viewer. Fixes bug report 5647

  • Prevent VM Awards nominations of bot clubs


  • Fixed another issue where invalid match kits colours of old clubs could cause crashes on various pages

  • Team overview warining about suspended players now works properly with customized tactics


  • More crew roles are now specified in forum posts

  • New forum moderator crew role with access to all forums, so that moderators no longer need to have permissions assigned to individual forums

  • Fixed formatting error in cup match times. Fixes bug report 5639

  • Made it possible to use advent calendar prize scout to evaluate specific club players

  • Bug moderators are automatically notified when some writes a new bug report

  • Always show guide on bug report submission page

  • The field 'Founded' on the club information page now uses the date that the manager signed up, instead of the date when the club was created as a bot club in the database

  • We now show crew members' roles in support tickets

  • If you have set your language to something other than Danish, you no longer just see shoutbox messages from user with the same language setting as you, but instead from all clubs with a language set to something other than Danish.

  • The page where you change your email now warns that selling or transferring your club to someone else is not allowed


  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to edit a senior squad tactics with youth squad players in it if your premium had expired

  • Some code in the tactics editor which inserts a spacer and heading above youth squad player in senior tactics was checking if you have Pro, when it should have been checking for Premium. Fixed

  • Moved some upcoming instances of the "Double spectators" advent calendar prize to avoid the situation where they occur so late in the week, that the club doesn't have enough home matches left in the season

  • Fixed stadium elements undergoing repair or upgrade being invisible on the match preview and a few other places

  • Fixed formatting of ticket price in match preview of away matches

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when viewing pages containing match kits of clubs with old, invalid match kit colours


  • Implemented another new advent calendar prize

  • Fixed an issue with card orders that have to cancel previous subscription, that happened when PSP had already cancelled the subscription


  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from using the advent calendar prize "Heal a player" without an upgraded physio department


  • On Team Overview, an empty squad will no longer result in us warning that you haven't trained today. Fixes bug report 5542

  • Team Overview now links to the specific tactics that have a suspended player in the starting lineup

  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to unsubscribe from club press releases

  • When a club is deleted, we now make sure to delete their press subscriptions and subscribers

  • When a standing bid is activated upon auction start, the player's owner no longer gets a misleading notification sayd that the club has sent a bid for the player


  • Fixed a crash occurring when trying to buy VM Pro when you've never had VM Premium before


  • Added one new secret advent calendar prize

  • Reset the advent calendar for 2021

  • Insert link for giving VM Pro on club profiles.


  • Fixed bug in match times on Cup -> Fixtures. The pages were cached with time formatted according to the timezone of the first club to view the page after changes or executed matches. Fixes bug report 5573.

  • Link to the U23 league instead of the senior league in the match presentation, when it is a U23 league match. Fixes bug report 5597.

  • Implemented changelog page

  • Long shoutbox messages now have a scrollbar instead of overflowing

  • Better hyphenation of shoutbox messages

  • Show help text regarding editing and deactivation of shoutbox messages in context on creation form

  • Implemented possibility of editing shoutbox messages up to 5 minutes after creation


  • Fixed bug in creation of custom tactic from the match preview

  • Set up VM Awards 2021


  • Show youth squad name instead of club name on list of recently played matches on login


  • Made match kit changes free for Pro clubs

  • Fixed bug in upgrading to Pro with SMS subscription