World Cup 2022 Bet.

The betting game is over for now

Thankyou to everyone who played the game. We hope you've all had a great time time.

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World Cup 2022 Bet is a free betting game where the goal is to attain as many points as possible by betting on the football matches in World Cup 2022.

You'll start with 100 points. Each day after 21. November, you'll get 30 new points for free. You use the points as stakes when placing bets. You can make as many coupons as you want, as long as you have some points.

To make a coupon just click on the odds of the outcome you believe in, in the list below. Click another odds number to add that bet to your coupon. You can add as many bets to each coupon as you want.

Odds are updated continuously.

The game ends after the the final match on 18. Desember.

In addition to the glory, the top 2 betters will win 1 months of VM Premium, 100 VM Tickets and 500.000 Credits!

3rd to 5th place will win 1 month of VM Premium, 50 VM Tickets and 250.000 Credits!

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