Youth squads beta status

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 6 March 2020, 15:13

More than 2500 of you have now signed up as beta testers. Just today I have given access to another 350, and Monday morning I will approve 350 more, which will bring us up to approx. 50% of those who have signed up.

We have recently implemented a number of optimizations in the season update. The idea is to make sure that it doesn't take too long to complete with all of the extra youth squads and the bot clubs we have had to create to ensure that there is enough for anyone who creates a youth squad to join a league right away.

In addition, we've recently implemented the following:

  • You can now use a maximum of 5 players from the youth squad in the senior squad's tactics. This is to avoid people trying to play all of the senior squad's matches with reserves from the youth squad.
  • We no longer automatically move young players when creating youth squads if these players are currently in the senior squad's lineup.
  • Players now get mood points in friendlies.
  • Players now always get mood points in cup matches
  • Players no longer lose mood points if they are absent from a cup match.
  • In the "interesting players" list, you will now also be notified when another club puts your youth players on their shortlist.
  • The list of "interesting players" now fetches all of them - not just 5 at a time - and is now scrollable
  • "Interesting players" notifications are now deleted if the player leaves the club and also automatically after just over a week if you do not remove them yourself.

We also have these things in the works, which will start appearing next week:

  • The player lists for senior and youth squads, respectively, must use the same UI, so that, for example, there won't be information missing from one that exists on the other
  • Better separation of the senior and youth squads' matches on the page that pops up when you log in
  • Better separation of senior and youth squads on club history
  • A quick overview showing if you have players who are starting to get dissatisfied
  • Ability to see other club's youth stadiums
  • Team rating for the youth squad
  • ...and a bunch of other things!

Have a nice weekend!