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Developer's corner with 3 topics and 72 replies

The forum where FC Sunnyvale asks for input about this and that - topics that are a better fit for the forum than the blog. Topics will be locked after a while.

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UEFA Euro 2020 with 8 topics and 98 replies

Discuss everything related to UEFA Euro 2020 in this forum.

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Player Valuations with 8,649 topics and 24,962 replies

Want to know how much your player is worth? Post in here to find out what other managers think!

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General with 24,926 topics and 271,719 replies

Questions or discussions related to all aspects of virtual manager gameplay should be posted in here.

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Player Sales - 15 Year Olds with 19,878 topics and 37,724 replies

Have a 15 year old player up for sale? Let other managers know about it!

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Player Sales - 16-22 Year Olds with 6,985 topics and 11,667 replies

Have a player up for sale aged 16-22? Let other managers know about it!

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Player Sales - All Other Players with 39,734 topics and 86,655 replies

Have a player up for sale? Let other managers know about it! Players aged 23 or over should be posted in here or team links

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Player Purchases with 3,342 topics and 13,231 replies

Looking for a specific player? Here is the place to post a request. NB. It is against game rules to use the mail system to advertise players.

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Banners/logos with 7,726 topics and 43,831 replies

Request and discuss pictures and logos here.

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Ideas/development with 3,656 topics and 29,329 replies

Contribute by posting your thoughts on how to make Virtual Manager an even better game.

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Off Topic with 9,174 topics and 205,099 replies

Here you can discuss everything that is not related to Virtual Manager.

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Translation with 15 topics and 84 replies

Discuss anything related to translation in here. If you come across spelling errors, typos or poorly translated texts in any language, you can report them in here and our translators will take a look

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Locked Threads with 8,196 topics and 131,755 replies

All threads locked by the international moderators will be moved into here.

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Locked B/L Threads with 876 topics and 4,303 replies

Locked threads from the Banners/logos forum will be moved into here.

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