Mood page updated

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 27 May 2020, 17:16

I have 2 new youth squad updates for you today.

Mood page updated

The players mood page has now gotten the version 2 overhaul that I wrote about in the last blog post.

Much more information has been added and some things have been moved around.

1. Past mood changes are now included in the graph

Previously, the page had a table showing the player's past mood changes. This data is now shown in the graph instead.

The past changes are shown with a solid line, and the estimated future changes are shown with a dashed line.

We now only show the past mood changes for the current season (however, on Sunday night after the season update, Sunday's changes will appear along with next season's estimated changes).

2. More info in the graph

If you mouse over one of the points in the graph, the tool-tip now shows the match in question, the number of minutes earned, the change in minutes, the mood level and whether the mood level increased or decreased.

3. Mood loss table

For those who can't get enough numbers, we've added a table showing how many mood points the player loses when he's not on the pitch.

The table makes it clear what impact it will have if, for example, you move a young player between the squads, or if you're considering whether it would be worth to aim for keeping the player at a slightly lower mood level.

4. Info panel

An info panel has been added with some explanatory text about how the mood works and how the different sections of the page should be understood.

Estimate of the next mood change on the Assistant Manager

On the assistant manager page, there is now a new column next to the mood, which shows an estimate of when the player's mood will change next.

The information in this column is based on the same numbers as in the graph.

If the column is empty for a player, it is because we do not estimate any mood changes this season.

Next major update will be separated training

We are also in the process of implementing separated training so that senior squads and youth squads can train individually, at different times and with their own training exercises.

I hope to have it ready in 1-2 weeks.