Separate training for youth squads

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 19 June 2020, 13:14

Today we've deployed a major update, which gives you separate training per squad.

This means that your senior squad and youth squad have their own training exercises and can be trained at different times.

Auto training can now also be set to train the squads at different times.

Remember to move your youth players out of seniors training exercises

To make the transition easier, we have not removed your youth players from your existing training exercises.

They will be allowed to stay there for now, but once they're removed, they cannot be re-added.

On July 1st, all youth squads players who are still in one of the senior squad training exercises will be removed from them.

Navigation changes

Several managers have mentioned that the navigation structure of the different pages for the 2 squads was inconsistent and difficult to navigate.

When we started working on separated training navigation really became a stumbling block, because it was impossible to separate the squads' training pages in a way that made sense if we were to maintain the old navigation.

Therefore, we had to roll up our sleeves up and tackle the problem. This means that we have had to move some things around.

Youth squads and Team are now Squads

Youth squad and Team have been joined together as Squads.

This means that all of the functionality for your 2 squads now lives side by side and the squads now have the same menu items.

Pages from Clubhouse and Team have moved

The senior squad's Upcoming Matches, Results, and Stadium used to be under Clubhouse, but they have now been moved to the Senior squad side menu.

In turn, Match kits and Assistant Manager have moved to Clubhouse.

With these changes, the 2 squads now have consistent navigation for their sub-pages, so you no longer have to hunt around for them in different places.

Training gets its own place in the top menu

Training now has its own separate section, with sub-menus for the 2 squads' Exercises and Statistics.

Training is such a central part of the game that it makes perfect sense that it has now been promoted to a spot in the top menu.

Our next project

The last major planned functionality addition to youth squads is separate youth leagues.

Initially, I had intended for this to wait until the end of the year, but there are enough advantages in youth leagues that it makes sense to implement them as quickly as possible. It would also be nice to finish youth squads completely.

Next week we will start by first following up on bug reports and fine-tuning various things regarding youth squad and tactics editor.

After that we'll need to spend some time mapping out what it will take - both technically and in terms of UI - to implement youth leagues. Once we've done that, I'll be back with more info on what the plan is.

Have a nice weekend!