U23 Super Cup and the end of beta

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 31 July 2020, 16:58

As you know, this week was first season in the new youth leagues.

Today we've finished implementing a Super Cup for the youth leagues, which works in the same way as the seniors' Super Cup. The winners of each country's top league each season are entered into the cup, which is played the following week.

The youth team beta ends on Wednesday, August 5th

We have finally reached the point where there are no more major things that need to be implemented in connection with youth teams, and therefore we will be ending the beta test.

This will take place on Wednesday and will mean, among other things:

  1. All players will switch to using the new mood system
  2. All teams will use the same limits on the number of players

Final polish

The end of the beta does not mean we are completely done yet.

Subsequently, there will be a period where we correct any last bugs, possibly implementing small improvements to the youth squad pages, and ensuring that we've stuck the right balance.

Figuring out if we have hit the right balance is something we can only be sure of when all clubs play by the same rules, and all the youth squad changes have become a regular part of the game.