Many small improvements related to trade

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 16 March 2021, 11:05

Today we have a collection of minor changes, all of which are related to trade.

Standing bid

When you put a player on the wish list, you can now set a standing bid.

A standing bid works like an auto bid, but is different from normal bids in that the player's owner is not notified and therefore does not have to accept or reject it.

When you place a standing bid, no credits or player slots will be reserved either. Instead, your standing bid will be activated automatically when the player comes up for auction, but only if you currently have a vacant player slot and enough credits.

The point of standing bids is that it can be used as a hedge against missing out on a player if they're not for sale, for example, but the owner then suddenly changes his mind and starts an auction.

It can also be a useful way to bid on several different players without having to reserve credits and player slots.

Because player prices can change quite quickly, standing bids automatically expire after 8 days.

Normal bids are now activated at all types of auction starts

While working on standing bids, we had to make sure that all types of auction start are handled by the same code, and it occurred to us that we have never really handled existing bids in a consistent way.

As you know, an auction can start in several different ways:

  1. Upon acceptance of a bid
  2. Manual start
  3. When a club bids the transfer list price
  4. When firing a player
  5. Upon contract expiration

Until now, it was only when accepting a bid that we took existing bids into account, and automatically included them at the start of the auction.

At the 4 other types of auction start, we have always just deleted the existing bids, which doesn't make sense of course.

But now existing bids are handled the same, no matter how the auction is started. If the duration of the auction is less than or equal to the desired duration you have placed in the bid, then your bid will automatically be included in the auction.

Also, there's an extra detail if you have both a normal bid and a standing bid. If your standing bid is higher than your bid's auto bid, then the standing bid is used as an auto bid. Please note that this also applies if the auction starts due to the owner accepting your bid or bidding the transfer list price on a player. The higher of the two values ​​is always used as the auto bid.

Auctions are sorted by expiry time

This is a super simple change, but it should provide a better overview of the auctions you are participating in.

Hide auctions if you are no longer interested

If you are participating in an auction that you no longer want to bid on, you can now hide it from the list.

Ability to cancel an auction if no one has bid

If you happen to start an auction by mistake, or just change your mind, you can now cancel the auction if no one has bid yet.

However, there are certain restrictions to ensure that clubs who have the player on their wish list aren't bothered by too many notifications if you start and stop the auction over and over.

Therefore, any auction fee you many have paid is not refunded and if you cancel the auction, you can't do another manual auction start of the player again for the next 24 hours.

You also cannot cancel an auction if the player has left the club.

Option to disable shoutbox messages

If you have already sold your player, it might be useful to deactivate your shoutbox message, so we've now implemented that option.