Get ready for Pro with custom match kits

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 27 October 2021, 12:05

Our new ad-free subscription, VM Pro, is just around the corner.

VM Pro is an option for those who don't mind paying a little extra to get rid of ads, and to get a couple of small extra features.

I've already talked about some of these features, but today I want to show you one I haven't talked about before:

If you get Pro, you will be able to upload your own custom match kit designs.

If you already know that you'll be interested in upgrading to Pro, here is a guide on how to get started making your own match kits.

Your patterns must have a 100% transparent background, and have these dimensions:

  • 114x85 pixels for shirts
  • 114x65 pixels for shorts

The colour doesn't matter, because when we show the graphics in the game, we only use the alpha channel (transparency) and colour them dynamically with the colours you have selected in the match kits selector.

Your graphics should only contain the pattern itself. When we show it in the game, we automatically apply an outline and a fabric texture.

You can download outlines and fabric texture here to use as a guide while you design.

I've made an example of a match kit design for my own club:



Once you've selected the files for upload on the shirt selector, we show what the final result will look like, so you can check it before uploading:

If you'd like to see more sample patterns, you can download a file of all our existing patterns here .

To make it more worthwhile to make your own match kits, we have gone around the site to find more places to show them, such as on the club profile and match preview.