A Christmas month full of activities

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 December 2022, 12:22

The advent calender is ready

As you've probably noticed, you can open the first door in our advent calendar today.

There are lots of different goodies in the calendar, but remember that you have to come in every day to open the door - otherwise you'll miss it. During the first 5 days, however, you can still open the doors late in case you're not ready to go from the start.

This year there is a new gift behind 2 of the doors which I think will be very popular.

All gifts must be redeemed before 7 January 2023.

Christmas theme

As every year in December, you can turn on the Christmas theme in Settings.

The betting game

The betting game is still in full swing and we've seen some pretty wild coupons go through.

As you know, the last match in the World Cup will be played on 18 December.

Christmas game 2022

As if that wasn't enough, this year we've also made a small Christmas game.

Several years ago it was a tradition that we made a new Christmas game every year.

The point of making the Christmas games has always been to give us a chance to make something new in an environment where we are more free to experiment and familiarise ourselves with new technologies, in a way that would be too risky and slow if we were to do it in Virtual Manager. This is also the case this year, where we have used this chance to gain experience with a lot of new technologies that we will use in the new year when we start implementing mobile-friendly design.

We will launch the Christmas game on December 7th, where there will be a short break in the World Cup after the round of 16 is over.