World Cup 2022 Bet winners found

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 20 December 2022, 12:35

The 2022 World Cup is over, and that means that our betting game has also come to end.

You guys have been really busy. In total, 36,660 bets were placed!

8,897 of them were winning tickets, and 27,763 of them weren't.

The winner was Morten k, who won the game with a final score of 293,308 points!

The highest odds on a winning ticket was on this coupon by FC Eriksen, with the astonishing odds of 518.96.

You can see the final score here.

The 2 best betters have won the following:

  • 1 month of VM Premium
  • 100 VM Tickets
  • 500,000 Credits

3rd-5th place have won:

  • 1 month of VM Premium
  • 50 VM Tickets
  • 250,000 Credits

Thank you for playing, everyone, and congratulations to the winners. I hope you've all enjoyed taking part in the World Cup 2022 Betting game.