New employee search on Monday Sep. 4th!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 29 August 2023, 19:53

Last week I came back after a lengthy illness and our freelance developer came back after a long summer break.

Since then we have been getting around old bug reports and I have been working on getting the new employee search done.

We have previously written about the new employee search, which aims to alleviate the difficulty of finding good employees.

With the new employee search, you no longer have to click through thousands of pages with employees, nor do you have to go to a forum to read one of the threads where people share links to good employees.

Instead, you will post a job listing, and after a few hours applications will come in from a number of employees. The employees come from a selected pool of those with the best stats.

As you can see, I have experimented with using AI to create profile pictures for the employees, and backgrounds for the different ad types.

Of course, the new employee pictures do not match the players' profile pictures at all, but if this graphic style is well received, I will also update the players' pictures before long.

I think it turned out pretty well. However, it can easily end up taking many hours of your time when you're experimenting and trying to find a consistent graphic style. It can also be a challenge to get the AI generation to deliver the exact composition you're looking for. I ended up using the Stable Diffusion model Dreamshaper 7, and ControlNet/Canny to force it to generate full sheets of 20 profile images on each, and ControlNet/Reference to lock in a style after I found one I liked.

I hope we will be able to use this technique in the future when we need just a couple of pieces of graphics to decorate a page.

The new employee search will be rolled out on Monday, September 4th.