Prize to the first winner of "The Quadruple"

126594 Rasmus Rønn Nielsen, The Dudes 9 March 2012, 11:57

A couple of months ago, we added some new achievements to the game:

  • The Double: Win a country's top league and primary cup in the same season
  • The Tripple: Win a country's top league, primary cup and The Super Cup in the same season
  • The Quadruple: Win a country's top league, primary cup, The Super Cup, and Virtual Manager World Cup in the same season

(To see a manager's achievements, click "Achievements" in the left navigation of the manager profile)

The Double was won for the first time December 11th when FC Innova triumphed in both Die Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal. Since then, The Double has been won an additional 21 times. Among the winners, you find some of the heavy clubs: Silkeborg IF (current #1 on the vifa rank list), Græsted United, and FC Kvædeparken.

The Triple was won for the first time January 15th by Team Svumpukkel (current #2 on vifa rank list) when he succeeded in come out victorious in both Portuguese League, Cup of Portugal, and Virtual Super Cup - all in the same season. What a performance!

Since then, only two clubs have been able to do the same: liverpools year (Feb 5th) and FC Innova (Feb 12th).

And how many how won the amazing Quadruple? No one! We need to change that!

The manager to achieve The Quadruple will get one year of free VM Premium.

Who do you think it'll be? :)

And have a nice weekend :D