Stadium prices up for review

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 20 June 2014, 15:35

When we initially made the current stadium editor, we set prices fairly high because we wanted the largest stadiums to be a very big accomplishment.

It has turned out, though, that some clubs get stuck at around level 3 or 4, because they reach a point where it takes a very long time to recoup investments in the larger stadium sections.

Therefore, we are now starting to analyse the prices and the economy around stadiums in levels 4-6. The goal is that you shouldn't get stuck, and that investing in more seats will be worthwhile. We will probably adjust both prices and number of seats for each section - and possibly also on the number of spectators who come to the matches.

When we are ready to change the prices, everyone will automatically get a refund for the difference if their current stadium elements become cheaper.

Betting game heating up

World Cup 2014 is roaring along, and so is our World Cup betting game! Two completely insane coupons have put two clubs clearly in the lead.

Chamakh FC bet just 50 points on a coupon at odds 107.49... and won!

Mikkels Fodboldsgutter was also really lucky and won 5220 points on a single coupon at odds of 65.26.

However, there are still plenty of chances to turn it around, you your initial bets haven't put you near the to. Remember that you get 30 extra points to play every day if you have VM Premium.

Have a nice weekend

That's all for now - I'll be back next week.