Even more detailed training results

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 10 October 2014, 11:11

A few weeks ago, we made it possible to see exactly how far a player is from increasing in each ability, as well as the result of the most recent training on each ability.

Today we're building on this approach, with two new updates for the managers who are hungry for more precise data.

Exact percentages on the player profile

In addition to the green bars, we now show the player's progress and recent training as precise percentages, when you hover your mouse over each ability. Furthermore, we've added a very brief description of the effect of each in the match simulator.


Detailed results on player training history

The new detailed training data is a goldmine of information, so now we are starting to use them on the players' training history as well. At the same time, we have freshened up the look of the graph a bit.


If you hold the mouse over a bar in the graph, you'll see the training specified with the exact increase in each ability.

It will of course require a little getting used to, seeing training results as percentages, but the numbers on the new training history correspond to the green bars and the percentages you see on the player's profile.

So for example, if you see a +17% increase of an ability in the training graph, it means that the player has come 17 percentage points closer to an increase.

We only began to gather the new detailed training results a few weeks ago, so we still do not have enough data to show a complete history on most players.

Please note

Because our training algorithm still uses the old stats and the converts to the new ones after each session, you might see instances where the new training graph and the old graph aren't completely in agreement.

This will make more sense once the training algorithm has been retooled to work directly on the new stats, instead of converting after each training. We're currently hard at work on converting all the different systems that depend on the training results and the old stats, before we finally implement new training programs that work directly on the new stats. So, in order that you can still do an accurate evaluation of a player's potential, it will still be possible to switch over to the old training results until we've implemented the new training programmes.