Adjustment of ability conversion and training

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 17 October 2014, 12:05

This blog post is going to be somewhat technical, but if you aren't interested in the technical details, you can skip down to the bottom and find the short version :)

Last week we implemented a new training graph that shows you the training results in relation to the new player abilities, and even specifies the exact increase in each ability.

But if you look at the new graph versus the old, a problem becomes apparent. The old training results don't always seem match with the new ones. This makes it harder to judge a player's potential.

This happens because we are in the process of phasing out the old abilities in favor of the new one, and that will cause a few headaches until we're done converting all systems.

When you train your players today, this is what happens:

  1. Training is performed directly on the players' old abilities.
  2. We save a copy of the training results in the old manner (what you see when you switch on the old graph).
  3. We then convert the player's old abilities to the new ones with our conversion algorithm.
  4. We compare the player's new abilities, with what they were just before training, and use this information to build a new style training result (what you see in the new graph).

The problem occurs because of the conversion algorithm. The conversion is responsible for taking the old abilities and turning them into the new one. But, because there were more of the old abilities, they cannot convert 1:1, and so we have to merge together several of the old abilities into a single one of the new abilities, in some cases. For example, the new ability Speed is ​​made ​​from a 50/50 weighting of the two old abilities Acceleration and Stamina.

More importantly, not all of the old abilities are actually used in cases where there wasn't an obvious connection. This applies to: Marking, Bravery, Off the Ball, Balance, Jump, and Strength.

This means that when you train one of those old abilities, that increase is actually just lost - which is the main reason that the old and new training graphs are not always in agreement.

To remedy this problem, we've got some changes ready:

  1. We have found a place for Jump and Strength in the conversion. Jump is now part of Diving and Dribbling, and Strength is included in Tackling and in Aerial.
  2. We remove Marking, Bravery, Off the Ball and Balance from the existing training programs, so that you no longer waste effort on abilities that are lost. When we remove an ability from a training group, the remaining abilities will get larger increases.

Only a temporary problem

With these changes, we eliminate the problem to some extent, but not fully. The reason that this does not solve the problem 100% is that the conversion weighs each of the old abilities differently in cases where two of the old one merge to form one of the new ones. But when we remove the abilities from the training, which before were entirely lost, the main reason for the problem has been fixed.

However, it is important to emphasize that the problem will disappear by itself when we are ready with new training programmes that work directly on the new abilities.

We start on Tuesday, October 21st

The changes will be posted on Tuesday and then will your players new properties will be automatically updated the first time you train them. We are running at the same time a conversion job, to also now out for the players that are not currently. 're in a club.

So what can you expect, briefly?

  1. Training of the new abilities will generally increase.
  2. The new abilities Tackling, Dribbling, Diving and Aerial for each player might either increase or decrease a little, because they have had Jump and Strength added as a factor in their calculation.
  3. The new and old training graphs will start to be much more in sync.

Have a nice weekend!