New ability conversion algorithm is now active

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 21 October 2014, 11:05

New ability conversion algorithm is now active

As I mentioned last week, we have made some slight adjustments to make the transition from the old player attributes to the new ones a bit more smooth.

The goal is to get the new training results to match up slightly better with the old ones, until we are completely finished implementing new training groups.

This update is now in effect. Next time you train, your players' attributes will be updated with the new conversion algorithm. At the same time, we're running a job in the background, which performs the update to all players in the game, to ensure that we also reach all the players who are not in a club or won't be trained over the next few days.

You can read the details of the update in the last week's blog post. However, there are a few changes and some extra information.

In cases where we have added Jump and Strength to the ability conversion, they are only weighted 25%. This means that the conversion of Dribbling, for instance, is now a 75%/25% weighting of the old properties Dribbling/Jump, whereas before it was 100% Dribbling.

We're not removing Marking from the training groups after all. The reason is that when we implemented goalie abilities several years ago, we recycled the outfield players' attribute columns in the database, and just renamed them when they appear on the page for goalkeepers. Marking corresponds to goalkeepers' old ability Aerial, so if we were to remove it, goalkeepers' training would suffer.

The modified training groups are:

  1. Set Pieces: Bravery has been removed
  2. Strength: Balance has been removed
  3. Tactics: Off the Ball has been removed
  4. Pig in the middle: Off the Ball has been removed

In these training groups, the increase of the remaining abilities will be correspondingly higher.

The status of development of training groups, abilities etc..

We are in the process of finally completing the transition to the new player abilities. The biggest challenge is training, since training results and their effect on player abilities is at the very heart of the game and have an impact on things like value calculation, scout reports, and player awards.

In order to avoid one huge update of the game, we're implementing the changes in the smallest updates as possible. This makes it easier and quicker to deal with any bugs that crop up.

Before we can roll out a new training system that works directly on the new player abilities, we first need to finish converting all the subsystems in the game, which currently still use the old abilities and old training results. This is an ongoing process, and will in most cases not have a noticeable impact on the game. Alongside this work, we have already started to design the new training system, as well as implementing certain sub-pages, such as results view.