Status of the training system update

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 31 October 2014, 17:40

As the weekend draws closer, I figured I'd give you all an update on our progress in the development of the new training system.

As everyone probably knows by now, we need to create new training programmes that work directly on the players' new abilities, instead of the old ones.

This work is much more complex than you'd think, because this it's not just a matter of coming up with a new set of new training programmes.

There are tons of things in Virtual Manager's "engine room" that currently depend on the old abilities and training results (or values ​​derived from them). Before we can finally switch over to the new training programmes, all these underlying systems must first be converted.

To make matters worse, many of these systems are so ancient that they are written in the programming language PHP, which we stopped using several years ago in favour of Ruby. This means that we have to re-write many of these systems from scratch in Ruby.

Some of the things we've already finished are:

  • Updating the auction and transfer list search tools to use the new abilities.
  • Ruby rewrite of the auction system.
  • Data format for storing new training results with detailed data.
  • Temporary system for storing training results in both the old and the new formats.
  • Display of new training results on the player's profile.
  • Display of new training results on the player's training history page.

We're currently working on these two things:

  • Display of new training results after training, including the new detailed data and and update page design.
  • Conversion of the system that calculates player awards (gold/silver stars and talents).

Once those are complete, we still need to finish the following:

  • Procedure for creating youth players must work directly with the new abilities.
  • The public value calculator must use new abilities (and needs to be re-written completely in Ruby).
  • The more precise value calculator, that the automatic anti-cheat system uses, must also use the new abilities.
  • Anti-cheat system in general needs to use the new abilities.
  • Scouts must use the new training results.
  • Display of new training data on the club's training statistics.
  • Finalisation of the new training programmes.
  • New page for setting up training groups, with a refreshed design and a way to make individual adjustments to your training programmes.

We're really looking forward to getting all these updates done, so that we can finally say that the conversion from the old abilities to the new ones is 100% complete.

Have a nice weekend!