A new player value calculator

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 13 February 2015, 17:04

When we roll out the new training programs, the old player abilities will finally disappear completely.

That also means that the old player value calculator, which today is based on the old abilities needs to be rewritten. I figured I'd tell you a little bit about that.

The old value calculator is not particularly accurate. The algorithm is very old, and although it is based on trade data, it has some weaknesses.

We actually made a better value calculator a couple of years ago. It was created to support automatic discovery of illegal trades with our Cheat Hunter tools.

At that time we decided that the CH value calulator's figures were actually a little too accurate, and that it would take too much of the challenge out of the game if you could see them. This is especially true for the very young players who haven't been trained more than one or two times. Therefore, the values that it calculates are hidden from everyone, including the crew.

The new value calculator will be based on the same approach as the CH value calculator, but it will not have access to any hidden data or information that you guys can't already see.

Therefore, it should give you a slightly more accurate picture of a player's market value, but without revealing too much.

It'll be some time before all of our managers get used to assessing players by looking only at the new player abilities and the new training results, which will have an impact on trading prices.

This means that there will probably be a period of a few months before we've collected enough data from trades where buyers have set their bid based on the new abilities and training results.

As this data stabilises, the new value calculator's numbers should also become more dependable.

Have a nice weekend!