The new training exercises

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 6 March 2015, 15:16

I'm sure you already know that we're working on a brand new training system that has new exercises, full support for the new player abilities, and the possibility of adjusting which player abilities you want to focus on.

In the new training system, we'll handle outfielder and keeper abilities separately. The old training system was actually never updated to take proper account of the keeper abilities when they were introduced a long time ago, but the new one will.

This means that there will be a number of exercises that all players can participate in, as well as a number of exercises that can only be attended by either outfield players or keepers.

The three shared exercises are:

  • Training match (trains all abilities equally, not adjustable)
  • Interval training
  • Team building

The chart below shows the various exercises and which player abilities of each of them work on. Training match is not shown in the table. We can of course adjust the exercises or add new ones in the future, if necessary.

Also remember that in the new system you will be able to adjust how much effort is put into in each player ability.


We originally expected to be finished either in late February or early March. However, we lost a couple of weeks due to server crashes and the work that went into protecting out setup against future crashes. Currently, it looks like we're on track to release the new training system around the end of March.