Several fixes to the training system

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 April 2015, 16:53

Today, we've continued to work with the new training system, and we are now getting a really good grip on things.

The following fixes have been implemented today:

  • Crash during training if you had a training group with the "Crossing" exercise
  • The wish list now shows the new training averages.
  • Player comparison now uses the new player abilities.
  • Fixed a javascript-crash, which meant that IE10 users in some cases could not load the training group pages.
  • IE users will now see intensity selector as an old-fashioned dropdown menu because IE doesn't work properly with the HTML5 slider.
  • Fixed layout bug on Windows on the training statistics pages.
  • You can you use the "Last X days" and "Date interval" search options on the training statistics pages..

... and if you missed our April Fools have look here.