Fixes to the player value calculator on Sunday, June 28th

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 24 June 2015, 12:44

Our player value calculator works by dividing players into categories based on their age, position, training results and evaluation.

There are just about 4300 of these categories.

When we calculate a player's value, we base the number on the trades made with other players in his category.

The problem is that certain players have a very rare combination of age, position, training results and evaluation. For these players there will only be a few trades on which to base their price.

This can result in these players getting an absurdly incorrect value, such as 30 million, when they're only worth about 1 million. These errors need to be corrected.

It can also result in huge variations in value from one week to another, when a player's training just barely moves him into a different category.


Of course, we could just wait a few more months until we have collected data from even more trades, but we didn't want to wait that long.

Therefore, we have now implemented some fixes that will merge categories together if we don't have enough trades to perform a good value calculation.

We have tested and adjusted the algorithm continuously over the past few weeks with help from the crew.

The corrections will show up from Sunday, June 28th, when the next value update occurs. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Far more accurate values.
  2. No more huge changes in value from one week to another.
  3. The values ​​will continue to improve, as we collect more trade data.

Although the biggest fluctuations in value will be avoided for most players, you might still see significant changes in value, when your players have their birthday. We will be looking into resolving this at a later date.