A bunch of minor improvement on Monday, July 27th

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 24 July 2015, 15:23

This week we've been working on a variety of smaller improvements, that were requested and discussed at our annual crew day in May.

We've crossed 25 points off that list so far. Most of the changes are improvements and updates to the various crew tools. Regular managers might notice these changes:

  • Updated rule texts on the various picture uploading pages.
  • Optimizations to the image validation tools.
  • Logo and banner get removed automatically when changing club name (since they must correspond to the club name)
  • Club name change has been moved to Settings.
  • Fix for stagnant player salaries.

Fix for stagnant player salaries

Since we introduced the new training system, there has been a bug that caused players to never increase their general salary demand as their abilities increase. This means that player salaries have been lower than the should have been, for quite a while.

The bug fix will become active on Monday along with the other updates. As a manager, you should expect that most players will start demanding higher wages, so that they're once again in sync with their abilities.

Have a nice weekend