Another look at the new scout

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 22 December 2015, 16:55

As you know, we're working on a new scout. We're aiming to release it by the end of January

I've previously told you about the options you have when dispatching your scouts..

Today I've got an example of what the finished scout report might look like:


When you send out your scout, you have to tell him whether you want him to focus on potential or abilities, which has a large impact on which players finds, and how he rates them.


If your scout focuses on potential, he'll be looking for players that are worth developing over a longer period of time. These players will need to have great training results and be as young as possible, before he'll recommend a purchase.


If you tell him to focus on abilities, your scout will try to find players who can take up a position in your starting lineup straight away. In this case, age won't be as important, unless of course, the player is getting close to retirement.

Detailed evaluation on each player

The report will contain a detailed evaluation and opinion on each player. After Christmas I'll be back with more info on what these detailed evaluations will look like.

I'll also tell you more about what that mysterious blue icon with the question marks means.

Merry Christmas everyone!