The day after the server move - auctions

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 5 July 2016, 13:14

As I wrote yesterday, the only major problem with the server move was that a number of auctions were mistakenly processed while the database import was running.

Even though we had turned off auction processing, a zombie-process was still lurking on the server, and started processing auctions as soon as the were moved over from the old server, for a period of about 3 minutes.

Because auction processing involves a huge number of different database tables, it's no wonder that it can really fudge up the data, if it's running in the middle of a database move.

When we did our quick fix yesterday, it seemed as though the money had been transferred between the buyers and seller, but that the players had stayed put. Therefore, we retracted all of the purchase amounts, think that was the end of it.

This turned out to be incorrect. The players HAD in fact moved, which meant that retracting the purchase amounts was only HALF of a fix. Today we've performed the other half, which was to move the players back to their rightful owner and given 20 days free contract.

Please note that the players have been move back to the seller, even though the auction was due to contract expiry. In these cases, the seller has been cheated of their rightful profit, so by moving them back, their previous owner has another chance to sell them.

To make it simple:

  • Yesterday we retracted all the purchase amounts for the faulty auctions. NOTE: These refunds do not show up in your finances, since they were implemented as an annulment of the original purchase. This is normal; the money HAS been returned.
  • Today we returned the players in question to their rightful owners

These two fixes together mean that the stricken auctions have now been completely rolled back, and no one has gained or lost anything.

....with one exception!

Players that have been sold on

21 of the stricken players have been sold on to third parties since yesterday, which causes us a huge headache in fixing this for everyone.

So as not to involve even more clubs in the problem, we've decided to let those 21 players remain where they are.

In return, the original owners will receive a generous compensation, and the club that sold them on will have their profits from the deal withdrawn. This will be done manually over the course of today.