Join a league instantly

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 21 September 2016, 16:50

Today we've added a new feature specifically for clubs returning to Virtual Manager after a hiatus.

From now on, you will join a league instantly when you apply, if you're not already in a league. That means you will no longer have to wait until Sunday evening to start playing.

The way the feature works, is that you take over a bot club's fixtures, points and league standings.

You won't get their VIFA points. You''ll have to earn those yourself.

If you apply on a Sunday before the season update, then the application will work that same as before. You'll have to wait until the season update is over, before you are assigned a league.

Have you returned this week??

If you have returned this week, and want to make use of this new feature, then you just have to apply for a league again.