New type of player in development

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 April 2017, 08:34

Even though we're currently hard at work implementing Project Rebalance, we've also found time to plan the next big feature in Virtual Manager.

In order to differentiate ourselves from all the other football management games on the market, we are going to introduce an exciting new type of player: aliens!

What can they do?

Aliens have incredibly strong mental powers. Their exceedingly high leadership ability means that they can mind control all of your other players, who become a sort of football playing drones, with capabilities far exceeding normal human physiology.

No matter how good your players are, they will become unstoppable if you put an alien in as captain of your team.

What are the drawbacks?

Obviously it shouldn't be possible to just steamroller over everyone and everything for an entire season with an alien on the team. Therefore there are some drawbacks to putting him in, so you will have to prioritise and figure the exact right moment to use him.

The drawback is that all of your other players will be completely drained when they are mind controlled by an alien, because they ignore all sensations of pain, overexertion and such during the match. Their energy will be completely drained after the match and injuries will be very frequent. Your players will be out of commission for at least 7 days after while they recover. Deaths may also occur.

This means that you'll have to have plenty of replacement players to put in while the rest of your team recovers, and you should only use your alien when absolutely necessary.

How do you get an alien?

Aliens will be given out as prizes in special tournaments and you will be able to buy them for GBP 45 / EUR 53 in the shop.

Will there be other types of players?

Yes, definitely!

Aliens are just the start. We will be introducing other types of players, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities; such as viking berserkers, ninjas and elves.

We're incredibly excited to introduce aliens and all of the other player types, and I'm sure that they will be a breath of fresh air in the game!

..... or maybe it's just April Fools