Server move today (Jan 23rd) 09:00 GMT

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 23 January 2018, 09:26

Update: Welcome to our new servers!

Unfortunately we weren't able to give you much advance notice, since there were a lot of pieces that had to fall into place and outside key persons who needed to be ready at the same time. Therefore we couldn't be sure of an exact time in advance or if we'd even be able to pull off the server move today.

Now I just hope we'll be allowed to stay where we are for a bit longer, this time around.

Once again, we've been told that we have to move the site to a new server host.

This time it should go a bit more smoothly than last time, since we don't have to deal with upgrading our entire setup from some very old server software. So, it should only be a matter of moving a copy of the database over to the servers, which we've been setting up and configuring over the pas couple of weeks.

The move will start at 09:00 GMT where the game will be shut down. The downtime will depend on how long it takes to export the database backup and transfer it to the new servers. It should only take a couple of hours at most.

Player contracts, as well as auctions and matches scheduled for the time we're down will be extended.