Introducing: VM Turbo!

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 1 April 2018, 11:49

Today, I'm excited to unveil a new feature that we have been working on in secret, for the last couple of months: VM Turbo.

VM Turbo is an alternative version of Virtual Manager, which will run on a separate server. In VM Turbo, player development and earnings have been boosted considerably.

4x faster player development, 4x faster aging

Today players age by 1 year every 30 days, but in VM Turbo this will happen every season, ie. every 7 days.

At the same time, the amount of XP required for an increase in abilities will be reduced to one quarter.

This means that the players' lives and development progress 4 times as fast.

Since we're not changing the amount of XP you get through training, but instead reducing the amount required to increase, your current training strategies and experience with player development and valuation will still be valid - everything just happens much faster.

Higher revenues

Since the game is going to run 4 times faster than before, you will also need more revenue to expand your club's facilities.

That's why VM Turbo will have twice as many spectators, twice the ticket fees, 4x larger prizes, and 4x larger sponsorships.

Server reset every 6 months, 2-3 consecutive games

Whereas Virtual Manager is a game that never ends, and which many people have been playing for several years, VM Turbo will be different. We're calling it a "Turbo episode".

A turbo episode lasts 6 months, which at the accelerated rate will correspond to 2 years of game time in the normal Virtual Manager. When a Turbo episode is over, the winning club will be announced and they will receive a prize and a trophy on their normal Virtual Manager club. Then everything will be deleted and a new episode will start.

Of course, it would be bad luck if you decide to try VM Turbo and do it at a time when the episode is about to end. Therefore, there will be several concurrent episodes that will start at an offset.

Once the first episode has been running for 3 months, we will start a new one that will run concurrently. That way you can always jump into the game without being too far behind.

If VM Turbo is successful, we will consider increasing the number of concurrent episodes to 3, so that a new one starts every 2 months.

A new type of bot

It would be silly if the first clubs to sign up start the episode i the Premier League with a club full of players who only have 5-10 in average attributes.

There needs to be some challenge in fighting your way up in the leagues. Therefore, nobody will start the episode in the top divisions.

Therefore, the top division at the beginning of an episode will be filled with a new type of bot that start with players who have abilities close to what we currently see in the top divisions.

Whereas the purpose of bots is only to act as placeholders in the leagues such that newly started clubs can take their place, the new bots will be designed to actually put up a fight.

They will have really good players, they will draw youth players and use coaches, and they will actually also engage in player trading.

The idea is that the new bots will provide some resistance in the beginning of an episode and then be overtaken by the player-driven clubs as they progress.

Starting Monday April 2nd

The first episode of VM Turbo starts tomorrow, April 2nd.

I'm sure this will add a breath of fresh air to the game!

April Fools!

Yes, as most have probably figured out, this was just an April Fools. But wouldn't an actual VM Turbo version be interesting to try out one day?