Retirement job fixed + longer initial contracts for untrained players

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale 4 December 2018, 11:21

Today, I have a few minor changes for you.

Retirement job fixed

The retirement job has been failing recently. It failed in a way which meant that we were not notified, which is why it has only been discovered now.

The error has now been rectified, and the job will be executed again tonight.

Longer contracts when purchasing untrained players

As everyone should know, you don't receive the auction sum when selling a player who has less than 5 trainings.

That means that if, for example, you forget to extend your contract with a newly drawn youth player and they therefore leave the club, then you will not receive the auction sum.

This happens on a regular basis and always leads to unhappy faces all around. To reduce this risk, we have introduced a change today, which means that players with less than 5 trainings now get a 6 day contract instead of the normal 3 when you purchase them.

This means you are guaranteed to at least have enough time to train them 5 times on their initial contract.... of course, if you then also forget to to train them as well as forgetting to extend their contract, then you're on your own ;)