The Rocks


Club name The Rocks
Manager Nick Ward
Vifa rank #1961Change down-79 (Vifa points: 6859)
Training facilities Large training ground3Silver
Physio facilities None
Total player value 4,655,850 C
Last online About 23 hours ago

Match statistics

Form: W-W-W-L-W-D-L-D-W-W

Matches 6
Undefeated 3
Friendlies 0
Wins 4
Draws 1
Defeats 1

Top scorers

Ross Dowglas 4 goals
Tomas Gilbertson 2 goals
Reg Iken Adebooye 2 goals
Persides Crabb 0 goals
Rateb Aybak 0 goals
Ehsanullah Ahmed-Shah 0 goals
Blair Fraser 0 goals