How to upload your banner/logo to your profile

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Rängers Football Club (Paul K) Moderator 12 October 2016, 17:29
Downloading your banner/logo

1) Hover over the image(s) and right click, save image as... **NOTE** from a mobile device, hold the image(s) until the menu pops up, then save image.

2) Save the image(s) to either your documents folder, pictures, saved pictures or anywhere else you'd like it/them. **From a mobile device it goes to your photos

Uploading your banner/logo

3a) FOR BANNER go on your club profile, below where it says History, Stadium, Press etc, there is a button to 'change banner'. click on this button, then 'choose file' from your saved location, upload and you're done.

3b) FOR LOGO go on your club profile, hover over (tap from touch screen) your current logo and select 'Change logo'. Once you've clicked this you will need to click 'choose file' then select the logo from your saved location, upload and you're done.

The validator(s) will then be responsible for updating your profile. Usually within 24 hours but it can take longer on occasion.