Request Banners & Logos (Limited Time Only)

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Union Bears FC Premium small (Stevie) 17 September 2017, 00:51
I can take one from your list if you want

CF Galacticos (Dan) 17 September 2017, 01:40
FC Rängers XI wrote:
I can take one from your list if you want
you're free have to at them, read what i put for john smiley i start uni in 2 weeks so im not sure if, or how often, i'll be able to make graphics so i may end or handover this thread to whoever else wants in smiley

Wilmslow FC (Mark Wejs) 18 September 2017, 10:54
I m 4 away from getting mine done aswell smiley

Wilmslow FC (Mark Wejs) 2 October 2017, 12:22

is this thing still active?

Blackburn XI Rovers (Joe Adams) 7 October 2017, 14:31
Can someone please make me a banner and logo

Norn Iron United (Daniel Froggitt) 1 December 2017, 21:05
Wagwan Dan (nice name by the way!)
Looking for a festive badge to wear over winter, but open to ordinary badges as well.
Name: Norn Iron United
Founded: 2017
Something to do with Northern Ireland, I guess...

I'll leave it up to you. Hope you can come up with something fancy!

Executioners Premium small (Gaffer) StaffModerator 1 December 2017, 21:28

@OP please don't hesitate to message me if you want this old topic to remain active and used.