What a first train...way above rest...value?

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Cant Score (Hello) 12 December 2017, 21:24
I know next to nothing about youth valiations but good luck and I hope you get a nice little cash injection into your club. smiley

Lindholme rovers (Manager of Lindholme rovers) 12 December 2017, 22:00
Thank you for that

Teufel hunden (Back and rebuilding) 12 December 2017, 22:33
Rängers Football Club wrote:
Lindholme rovers wrote:
Third train decent....what does scout report say?

Although as far as I am aware he is just going off of what we see. I'd expect his verdict to change if he continues on a slump. That said, Good Luck!
My scout said reasonable after that last train. Not sure how formidable is a possibility here.. might want a few more checks.